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Meet Emily Jo,

Meet Emily, the mastermind behind the lens, weaving magic through her camera in the picturesque landscapes of Bismarck, North Dakota! As a lifestyle and fine art photographer, she's on a mission to capture the essence of humanity by venturing into uncharted territories and uncovering hidden gems.

With a knack for exploration and a thirst for novelty, Emily's lens transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, offering viewers a fresh perspective on the world. Her photographs aren't just snapshots; they're windows into the soul, revealing the inner beauty of her subjects in captivating detail.

A proud graduate of Black Hills State University, Emily holds not one but three Bachelor's degrees, with Photography and Art at the forefront of her expertise. Her talent hasn't gone unnoticed, earning her the prestigious title of Finalist in "Photographers Forum" five times, a testament to her exceptional skill and dedication to her craft.

When she's not chasing the perfect shot, Emily finds solace in the company of her daughter McKenna and her loyal golden retrievers Bentley and Denali. You'll often find her outdoors, soaking up the sun on hiking trails or embarking on soul-soothing drives along winding back roads, with music blasting and laughter echoing in the air.

That's a glimpse into Emily's world! Now it's your turn to step into the frame and let her capture your story with her lens.



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