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Meet Emily Jo,

     Emily is a lifestyle and fine art photographer in Bismarck, North Dakota. Her love of photography allows her to create images of the amazing people in this world by adventuring to new places and exploring new things. This allows viewers to see imagery in new and unique perspectives. Her goal is to capture each subject's individual personality through her lens and reveal their inner beauty in her photographs.

     Emily graduated from Black Hills State University, in Spearfish, South Dakota, in 2012. She graduated with three Bachelors degrees, one being Photography and Art. In addition to her degrees she also received awards such as Finalist in "Photographers Forum" five times, Photographers Forum is made up of the nations best college photographers and is awarded each year. She also has presented her work in exhibitions open to the public.

     In her down time Emily loves spending time with her daughter McKenna and her golden retriever Bentley. She enjoys being outside hiking or walking the trails, her favorite past time is long drives on back roads with the music blaring, and whatever makes her little one smile ear to ear. 

   That's a little about me! Now it's time for me to meet you!

Emily Jo

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Emily Jo

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